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Group Sessions

1-1 Sessions

This is where we will meet with you along with a support person to uncover the challenges you are facing, realise where that stems from and help you discover new freedom.

We love group sessions because it's an opportunity to get whanau together, guardians or support workers for training & equipping. We focus on deeper understanding of how mental, emotional & spiritual issues affect people and how to help them deal to these issues. There is always a deeper problem than what we see on the surface. In these sessions we will go deep into what that looks like, how to identify them & more importantly what to do!


To bring people to a place that they see themselves as unique, they have a voice, and find the beauty within. We do that by allowing them to be themselves as they find their true identity.

We see a generation of young people and their whanau equipped with the tools to navigate life's mental, emotional and spiritual challenges, living in freedom and sharing that with their community.

Our passion has always been to see people find their true identity and belonging. Who they really are. The real me.


To bring strength and peace of mind to all elements of a person’s hauora, health and wellbeing.

To provide a safe space that allows people to be free from all barriers that keep them suppressed, oppressed, possessed and chained up.

To support their freedom and liberty holistically, so the person can be the unique person they were meant to be without any limitations.

To support people to become champions of hauora and to create their own healthy legacy for themselves, their whanau and communities.


What whanau are saying about us

“I found the group presentation brilliant. The content was very relevant to our work but also to all people how trauma effects us in life spiritually and mentally.”

- Anon

“The big lesson I learnt from your group presentation was that sometimes we don't know people have been through. Their behaviour can be a trigger of trauma.”

- Anon

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