Our Story

Sharon's Story

My Dads from Whakapara Marae (Hei Whanau)

My Mum Oruawharo Marae (Hepana Whanau)

I was born in Waipu 1962 and lived there all my life.

I’m the 2nd eldest of 5 other siblings 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Went through my childhood (0-11) without any cliches (I thought)

My up bringing with my Dad and Mum was great.

My Dad drove cattle trucks and was away a lot of the time in my younger years. We would see him just as we were off to bed and most of the time gone by the time we got up Mum stayed home with us kids.

We had the cousins Auntie and Uncles around us all the time, we were always there for each other, spending time together.

As I got into my teens my attitude changed I never listened to anyone. So I went through those years as a young person who done what I wanted. I was expelled from school at the age of 15.

Within that time I began to drink and also experimented with marijuana. I was lost and not having any direction for myself I just followed the crowd. ‘You are who you hang out with’ is so true. Circumstances in my life changed as I got older. I didn’t know who I was. Searching for something I couldn't find. I had big dreams but nothing became of them I never knew how to begin so I just drank to get drunk to abuse everyone and sober up and start all over again. I had the odd job. But nothing ever stuck. I met Tom (Husband) in the pub at the age of 20, fell in lust. The rest is history. Partied hard, drank hard, fight hard and fell pregnant and so my babies began.

I have 6 amazing children 1 Son and 5 daughters and 16 moko's to date, and more to arrive in the near future. Proud of them all.We married in January 1990.

I needed change I began to ask “Why do I do what I do?” Low self esteem not confident, shame guilt, high expectations. Trying to be someone I wasn’t, didn’t work. I went to church to find some answers. My journey in finding out who I really am, began. I had to work through the way I thought about myself and my childhood. What people spoke into my life. Self doubt. Echoes from the past. Rejection and learning to forgive people who had hurt me and let me down.

Physically Emotionally and Spiritually I’m on a journey my life has changed for the best and I continue to learn to be humble and keep a good heart.

My heart and passion is to see others have breakthroughs in their life, to find out that they have a purpose and they are loved.


To bring people to a place that they see themselves as unique, they have a voice, and find the beauty within. We do that by allowing them to be themselves as they find their true identity.

We see a generation of young people and their whanau equipped with the tools to navigate life's mental, emotional and spiritual challenges, living in freedom and sharing that with their community.

Our passion has always been to see people find their true identity and belonging. Who they really are. The real me.


To bring strength and peace of mind to all elements of a person’s hauora, health and wellbeing.

To provide a safe space that allows people to be free from all barriers that keep them suppressed, oppressed, possessed and chained up.

To support their freedom and liberty holistically, so the person can be the unique person they were meant to be without any limitations.

To support people to become champions of hauora and to create their own healthy legacy for themselves, their whanau and communities.

Tom's Story

Kia Ora my name is Tame Paki.

I was born in 1961 in Huntly. I’m the Youngest of 5 siblings.

I am married to Sharon and have 8 children and 15 grandchildren.

My Father was a coal miner/freezing worker and my Mum was a teacher, she looked after us all. I was brought up in a nurturing and caring whanau. We were taught how to survive, fishing, diving, gardening and living off the land.

We were brought up with our Maori ancestor traditions and taught how to serve others. We learned how to cope and survive life’s challenges.

As I grew into the teenage years and young adults, there were a lot of mental and emotional issues in our family and my life that I became aware of. I started to see things that were good for me and things that were bad. States of loneliness, rejection, insecurity, depression, and other things that made me look for comforts. So drinking, drugs and anything else that could bring relief took top priority.

It soon became apparent that these things never worked or made me feel better. They were all masks, band aids, comforters that lasted for a short time and I soon returned back to the hurts and feelings of being not good enough. It all covered the real me inside that was hurting.

So began the journey in 1989 to find out why we are who we are. Why we do what we do and how I could change to have full relief and healing from these things that were destroying me and chaining me up.

I soon realized how Family Genealogy was a huge part of my being. It shaped and molded me and the things I allowed into my life, that were destroying me.

My DNA handed to me from my Ancestors, the good, the bad, and the ugly, ran from generation to generation. Acceptance and taking ownership of the things that were damaging me and the forgiveness that started to flow in my life and not blaming everyone else for my own faults.

Forgiving myself, family and others soon became a huge healer. The layers of shame, guilt and condemnation started to leave me and the real me started to appear. So I am here now to champion and pass this on for who ever wants change and to create a great legacy for their future whanau.


What whanau are saying about us

“I found the group presentation brilliant. The content was very relevant to our work but also to all people how trauma effects us in life spiritually and mentally.”

- Anon

“The big lesson I learnt from your group presentation was that sometimes we don't know people have been through. Their behaviour can be a trigger of trauma.”

- Anon