Keeping it real is just who we are.

Ko Au Te Au Tuuturu

I am the Real Me



We meet with people from all different walks of life to help them discover who they are. Our goal is to empower you to uncover more of who you are and show you why that is something to be celebrated.



People we meet often say they feel so free! Some describe it as like seeing clearly for the first time and feeling a true sense of freedom as a result of our sessions with them.



Our sessions aren't about becoming reliant on us for the rest of your life but rather becoming the amazing and confident person you were meant to be.



Our goal has always to bring people in to freedom. We all deserve freedom, we all need it and we all want it but yet it is so hard to find. Through our group sessions for caregivers or 1-on-1 sessions with people, we help you understand what is holding you back and sabotaging your ability to live in freedom. Not only that but we also give you the tools and empower you to continue living in that new found freedom!


Who We Are

A Little Bit About UsWe are Tom & Sharon Paki. We live in Northland with our whanau. We love to surf, hit the beach and connect with people from all walks of life. We have a deep passion for this country and it's people. Our desire is to see all people know freedom, hope and carry a sense of purpose in knowing who they really are. That's where 'The Real Me' was birthed. A long journey of self discovery and helping people do that same along the way.

We Were LostWhen you find yourself in such a broken place that it no longer feels possible to come back from and get better it is a devastating feeling. We felt lost and completely hopeless because of what we had been through and the emotional baggage we were carrying. Finding hope and freedom didn't seem possible but somebody showed us how!

We Found FreedomThrough a person helping us realise the issues mentally, emotionally and spiritually holding us back and causing real problems in our life we were able to find a freedom we never thought possible. Best thing is, anyone can find what we have found. Sometimes we just need a bit of help getting there.

We Discovered Who We WereThrough a series of big moments and small moments we started to discover who we truly were and what our purpose was. This is when life got really exciting and we started to see hope!


Life is a Journey, It's about time you Started Living it to the Full!

Begin the Journey Today

Step One

Reach out and connect with us. We'll tell you our story and give you the space to share yours. Significant change comes from significant relationship so it's all about getting to know each other to see how we can help and work out the next steps for you on your journey.

Step Two

Our first session is all about getting to know each other further and helping you identify the areas that need some support.

Step Three

We'll keep in touch along the way to ensure you have everything you need to succeed on your journey and book in further sessions with you if needed. It's all about equipping & empowering you though!


What whanau are saying about us

“I found the group presentation brilliant. The content was very relevant to our work but also to all people how trauma effects us in life spiritually and mentally.”

- Anon

“The big lesson I learnt from your group presentation was that sometimes we don't know people have been through. Their behaviour can be a trigger of trauma.”

- Anon

Don't Put it Off Any Longer

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